LogoUI is a unique ‘software boutique’ offering specialty consultation services in all aspects of WPF and Front-End development.

LogoUI is one of Israel’s most successful consulting and outsourcing companies. When it comes to Microsoft ( such as WPF, WindowsRT, Windows Phone) and WEB technologies (such as HTML5, AngularJS, NodeJs), LogoUI makes your software happen. LogoUI develops modern UI solutions according to your company’s requirements and vision.

LogoUI was established in February 2009. By working with many of Israel’s top high tech companies, we have earned a solid reputation for being experts in all aspects of UI development.

We provide a one-stop shop for all your UI needs.

LogoUI provides a full range of UI development cycle services, ranging from detailed UI and GUI design from one side of the scale, and architecture to the actual program development and delivery from another.

  • We specialize in analyzing your use case from the perspective of WPF and WEB Front-End development.
  • In addition to our consulting and outsourcing services, we provide expert architectural foundations upon which you can successfully develop your product using WPF and WindowsRT platforms.
  • We help bridge the gap between UI professionals and programmers.
  • We can provide UI designers and User Experience experts who specialize in the design of WPF and WEB applications or work with your experts and programmers.