22/12/2014  - LogoUI and Metaqube Services teamed up.

LogoUIis proud to announce the incorporation of Metaqube Services, an elite software firm specializing in Computer Vision, Image Processing, GIS and other domains requiring complex mathematical algorithms.

Together with the talented team of Metaqube,LogoUIis offering significant expertise in areas such as: 3D Reconstruction, Bundle Adjustment, Structure From Motion, Camera Calibration, Motion Detection & Tracking, Image Enhancement, Computational Geometry.

This joint venture will allow usservingour customers with more capabilities in providing excellent development services using C#(Windows/Mono/Xamarin), C++, Java, Python, JavaScript for Desktop & Mobile applications.

25/11/12 - LogoUIis cooperating with Ness College.

Our experts will provide training and lecturing service for professional customers division of Ness College.Courseswill cover several topics as: advanced WPF development, advanced GUI development, User Interface design and User Experience.

29/10/12 - In order to provide the high level quality services for our clients in additional fields of expertise, LogoUIis cooperating with Softimize.

Softimizedelivers top-quality custom R&D services to leading High-Tech companies in Israel. Putting emphasis on system engineering and design and using agile methodologies such as Kanban and TDD is what makes us different. Main areas of expertise: Enterprise-grade OOP in Java/C#.Net/C++, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Video over IP, E-commerce, Social Networks.

02/10/12 – LogoUI extends the line ofprovidedservices and offers advanced development services for  Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, WinRT.

25/08/2012 – LogoUI launches new technological placement service  – LogoHR.
LogoHR is providing  quality technological placement services for most technological positions in high tech and IT sector. So, if you are looking to give a boost to your career, or looking to recruit creative and skilled team members – check out our service at www.logohr.co.il

17/06/2012 -  DVTel chooses LogoUI infrastructures and human resources to develop the platform for its next generationproductsline.

Following the detailed examination of facing technological challenges, DVTel, the pioneer and dominant market player in the creation, development, and delivery of Multi-source Intelligence Systems over IP networks, signed a professional agreement with LogoUI, intending to benefit from our WPF framework and infrastructures and an extended expertise in Video management in WPF.Relayingon LogoUI technology advantages, DVTel enjoys from noticeable time saving indevelopment processand great results in presenting complicated user interface in challenging technological environment

07/03/2012 – Bio-Rad R&D team in Haifa chooses LogoUI’s advanced WPF training. Coaching services at customer’s site include lectures about WPF/Silverlight architecture and MVVM advanced work mode.

05/03/2012  -  LogoUIis supplying “The Real World WPF” practical course to the development team of Qualitest. The 64 hours, well balanced between theoretical and practical approaches, course is providing a solid background and tools for further self development and self  learning, and based on a real life application, covering typical andeddgeuse cases inday-by-day development cycle.

15/12/2011 – Sapiens and LogoUI extend the cooperation in developing the new line of products.

Sapiens,a leading global provider of innovative software solutions for the insurance industry, extends the existing services contract with LogoUI. Based on a previous successful experience developing based on LogoUI’s set of infrastructures, Sapiens asked LogoUI to provide an additional development services forit’snew strategic line of products, using professional expertise of LogoUI senior developers and UI experts.

25/09/2011 -LogoUI signs professional services contract with Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. develops, produces and markets metrology systems for process control that are integrated into processequipment tools, or used as stand-alone metrology platforms for the global semiconductor manufacturing industry.

LogoUIwill provide Nova with high standard comprehensive services, helping Nova to create cutting edge application user interface and insuring best client side performance.

19/07/2011 – LogoUI wins long term contract with Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Ministry of Construction and Housing awarded a one-year WPF Services contract, intending to useLogoUIexpertise in WPF to improve and optimize its several products and IT infrastructure.

3/07/2011 – LogoUI completes delivery ofentire interface for Aspect Imaging new MRI application.

Aspect Imaging, the world’s leader in high-performance compactbenchtop MRI imaging systems for preclinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications, appointedLogoUIfor detailed UI, GUI design and complete XAML solution for its new technology innovated MRI application.LogoUIprovided the complete solution ahead of planned timelines, successfully finalized the integration with customer’s development team.

29/05/2011 -XMPie,the Xerox company,leading provider of software for cross-mediais choosingLogoUI for consultancy and Silverlight development for its nextgenerations products line.

LogoUIwill provide long-term development services and architecture consultancy, helping XMPie to create acomprehensive cutting-edge solution using various abilities provided by Silverlight technology.

22/05/2011 -New Israeli Start-Up company,SureVisit, chooses LogoUI services for creating own business core product.

03/05/2011- LogoUI provides full presentation layer development services to Liola Technologies.

01/05/2011Amdocschooses LogoUI to supply XAML development services to its newproducts line.

17/04/2011 -Happy Passover to all LogoUI employees, clients, vendors and supporters!

14/04/2011Microsoft has released the Silverlight 5 beta.

15/03/2011 - LogoUI has been officially selected to provide consulting services for Silverlight development to the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

12/02/2011 - LogoUI released new version of cross-platform WPF/Silverlight MVVM framework.