UI and GUI Design
Our UI human factor analysts and graphic designers are experts in creating innovative concepts, detailed wire-frames and outstanding graphic design for all kind of web and desktop applications, with a unique knowledge in WPF and Silverlight technologies. They clearly understand what is feasible according to WPF and Silverlight framework and UI design and familiar with all technology related advantages for great user experience. This makes all the difference in producing UI solutions that work.
HR assessment management system
In this project LogoUI was required by the client to create a new HR management system, based on a previous one, to add new abilities and functionality, to create a new design and to develop entire client side application in Silverlight.
Our human factor department conducted comprehensive user research, task analyses and existing technology environment, and came up with a new concept for the system, that preserving the most of the business logic, and combining new approach to regular tasks with user experience offered by Silverlight. Graphic design team provided an entire design, including iconography, related to customer’s brand and considering technology abilities. This design was converted to a presentation layer by our XAML team and perfectly integrated into application. This is an outstanding example of our team work that creates a great application in tied time lines and complicated environment.
Strategic resources management application for the Israeli Ministry of Constructing and Housing
Our UI team provided a new, updated, functional adoptive UI & GUI for an internal application, used by different roles in Ministry of Constructing and Housing.
The process involved requirements collection, close interaction with development and support teams, users interviews and deep study of other government systems for further integration.
By concluding the detailed UI design for the application, our XAML team successfully implemented the entire presentation level and the application went to production, collecting positive feedback from users, development team and executives.