19/07/2011 – LogoUI wins long term contract with Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Ministry of Construction and Housing awarded a one-year WPF Services contract, intending to use LogoUI expertise in WPF to improve and optimize its several products and IT infrastructure.

3/07/2011 – LogoUI completes delivery of entire interface for Aspect Imaging new MRI application.

Aspect Imaging, the world’s leader in high-performance compact benchtop MRI imaging systems for preclinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications, appointed LogoUI for detailed UI, GUI design and complete XAML solution for its new technology innovated MRI application. LogoUI provided the complete solution ahead of planned timelines, successfully finalized the integration with customer’s development team.

29/05/2011 -XMPie,the Xerox company, leading provider of software for cross-media is choosing LogoUI for consultancy and Silverlight development for its next generations products line.

LogoUI will provide long-term development services and architecture consultancy, helping XMPie to create a comprehensive cutting-edge solution using various abilities provided by Silverlight technology.

22/05/2011 -New Israeli Start-Up company,SureVisit, chooses LogoUI services for creating own business core product.

03/05/2011LogoUI provides full presentation layer development services to Liola Technologies.

01/05/2011Amdocs chooses LogoUI to supply XAML development services to its new products line.

17/04/2011Happy Passover to all LogoUI employees, clients, vendors and supporters!

14/04/2011Microsoft has released the Silverlight 5 beta.

15/03/2011 – LogoUI has been officially selected to provide consulting services for Silverlight development to the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

12/02/2011 – LogoUI released new version of cross-platform WPF/Silverlight MVVM framework.
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