LogoUI provides a full range of UI development services, ranging from graphical design and architecture to the actual program development and delivery. Often, programmers lack the experience in developing UI systems in a manner that is technologically correct for today’s different platforms. As a result, a technological gap emerges between the ‘design idea’ and the actual programming of the UI when a high tech companies finally decides that it’s time to consult UI designers. WPF and Silverlight provide the programmer with the ability to implement a ‘great user experience’ including amazing design. LogoUI excels in narrowing the gap that usually occurs between UI designers and programmers. Our services are available both as a full package, or as specific, tailor made services, which integrate into your existing UI infrastructure.

Initial consultation

  • LogoUI analyzes your company’s functional requirements from the perspective of future development including discussions with Software Architects and UX specialists. Emphasis is placed upon the actual implementation of the UI from a programming perspective and not just ‘how it will look’.
  • After initial consultation, we provide you with sound architectural assumptions and high-level UX recommendations which help in estimating the actual scope of the project and successful implementation.

Infrastructure Development

LogoUI clients benefit from a rich set of common infrastructures for WPF and Silverlight applications like MVVM Framework and WPF/Silverlight Framework extensions. This infrastructure is supplied as part of our general service and at no additional cost. In addition, each particular Use Case has its own specific set of requirements and at this stage we supply your company with the following development infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure components e.g. customized navigation and localization specific to your company
  • Custom control UI development
  • Detailed UX definition

Application Development

We can provide and manage the outsourcing services to develop your project from ‘A to Z’ ensuring that it utilizes the correct technological requirements according to WPF and Silverlight development standards.

XAML Development

Our XAML experts have strong backgrounds in both programming and graphic design. This enables the exact implementation of the UI design according to proper XAML development standards. Adhering to correct XAML coding practices is extremely important. LogoUI XAML is lightweight and will not impact performance.

GUI Design

LogoUI graphic designers are experts in designing for WPF and Silverlight applications. They understand what is feasible according to WPF and Silverlight framework and UI design. This makes all the difference in producing UI solutions that work.paper helpPaperPelperspaper writing helper